Brand articulation and curation of the Italian-run family restaurant’s best offerings


From executing brand articulation exercises to extensive Christmas photo and video shoots, Contentmrkt partnered with the Da Paolo Group on various marketing projects.

The brand wanted a stronger social media presence to better engage with its current and new customers. They also needed publishing expertise to optimise their annual Christmas marketing efforts.


  • Develop a strong social media identity
  • Build custom content around a clear brand message
  • Aggressively market the new flagship restaurant and gourmet boutique
  • Launch a sub-brand with powerful brand articulation

Our Solutions

  • Brand articulation guide
  • Market and competitor research
  • Content strategy, creation and execution
  • Content marketing and amplification
  • Creative direction
  • Content production
  • Audience growth strategy
  • Email marketing optimisation
  • Ad campaign optimisation
  • Launch planning of print products